Sarah & Jon | Wedding | Wood Acres Farm

sarah jon wood acres farm wedding

May 19, 2017


Hair/Makeup: Renared Beauty

Catering: David Alen Catering

DJ: Anthony & Tony Petrella

Officiate: Peter Leal Jr.


I’m never at a loss for words when it comes to describing how much I love Sarah & Jon! From the moment I met them, I knew we would become friends. I could see how passionate they were for each other, and I was eager to learn their story.

“I met Jon at a church conference. I saw him sitting by himself. I thought: ‘that guy is really cute but no one is sitting next to him.’ So my friend (Evelyn) and I sat next to him. Jon was so well-spoken. I wanted him to talk forever. A couple weeks later, I reached out to him on Facebook. We later exchanged numbers, and that’s when he asked me out on our first date.”


“I love how passionate Sarah is about something she believes in. She goes after it, jumping in head-first. I tend to be cautious and meticulous, but Sarah is like a young kid without fear. She just goes for things.”




“On July 18th, Jon took me to the beach. It was perfect! No one was there except for us. Around sunset we sat on the jetty and talked about our lives and past relationships. It was a very intimate moment. The conversation flowed so naturally. Then at one point he turned to me and said: ‘So I’ve been thinking. I like you and I think you like me. Do you want to start dating officially?’ I thought the way he said it was so cute! I felt like I was getting engaged. The ride home was so exciting. I told all my friends: ‘he asked me to be his girlfriend!!!!!!'”




“I love you, Sarah. I will always be there for you, and I know you’ll be there for me. I expect we’re going to face rough times that won’t be easy, but I know our faith will guide us. I believe no matter what, we’re going to pull through whatever is ahead. I’m READY!”







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