Amber & Ryan | Navy Homecoming | Naval Submarine Base, New London

navy homecoming photography naval subase groton new london

Amber & Ryan
Navy Homecoming

New London Naval Submarine Base
September 23, 2016


navy homecoming photography naval subase groton new london

I had the privilege of photographing Ryan’s Navy Homecoming last year when Amber & Ryan’s original photographer was no longer available after the Navy changed the homecoming date. I’m so fortunate to have been able to be a part of this emotional experience.

There was an aura of anticipation in the air as Amber ever so patiently waited for Ryan’s sub (the USS San Juan) to arrive. This was the day Amber had been awaiting after being apart for over six months with limited communication with Ryan. The pier was packed with spouses, significant others and family eagerly awaiting their sailors’ arrivals. THEN, the San Juan finally arrived and docked. After some formal procedures and ceremonies, the sailors began to emerge onto the pier.

I’ll never forget the moment Amber spotted Ryan. She threw down her sign and darted through the crowds, literally pushing past people then jumped into Ryan’s arms and released half a year’s worth of emotions in a single moment. I stood back and captured every candid moment as the tears streamed, smiles widened, and the laughters of relief unfolded.





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